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Trading Lesson Add Ons

Trading Add-ons are additional lessons built on top of the original P8FX Trading Course designed to provide more advanced elements to your trading skillset. These lessons are more in-depth, focussing on more advanced skills needed throughout your trading journey.

Scalping 101

Scalping 101

Scalping is another technique to your trading skill set where we show you Priyesh’s own way of scalping, a tough but rewarding feature to add to your armoury of trading skills.

He has created a technique which eliminates a lot of risk which in turn gains greater rewards. It requires resilience, perseverance, and a deep understanding of the elements we teach in the original main course.

In this lesson you see how Priyesh managed to turn a £30 account into £3,100 in 9 days, with full transparent trade history.

Gold Plated Edition

Gold Plated Edition

Lesson requirements: You would need to have completed the main course, and Lesson 5.

Using techniques shown in Lesson 5, we delve deeper into the popular commodity and showcase how you can earn £100,000 in 100 days.

The most intense lesson to date! But no doubt the most rewarding.

Put yourself to the test and see if you've got the calibre to put your trading knowledge into action in this hands-on practical lesson.