Frequently Asked Trading Course Questions

Trading and investing course questions and answers

All lessons/classes are held online and are live on Zoom every Sunday at 11am UK time.

Life happens and we fully understand this so you can attend the class you missed at next month’s session. You will also have access to a recording of the missed lesson.

Yes, lesson recordings will be available in your student portal on our website. You will be able to access these 24/7.

Yes, sign up for FX Labs (P8FX signal service) by contacting our Admin Jejo who will provide you with all the information needed to access our free and VIP groups.

No, unfortunately that’s a service we do not provide.

Our trading course lasts 4 weeks with a lesson every Sunday. Once the 4 lessons are completed you will be able to reattend all lessons again live on Zoom as many times as you wish and access to recordings is unlimited.

Yes, you will be able to make instalments. Contact our Admin Jejo who will help find a payment plan that suits you. Our plans come with 0% interest, meaning you will pay nothing extra.

No, the add ons are just categorised in number order, but they are all individual and can be taken however you like.

This would depend on your individual needs but is something that can be discussed in your post-course review or you can reach out to our Admin Jejo who will be able to assist you.

The moment you’ve signed up as a P8FX student. Before your course, during, or after, it’s your choice. P8FX Pro is highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Investing Course Questions

Trading is the buying and selling of stocks, commodities, currency pairs or other instruments over the short-term with the goal of outperforming buy-and-hold investing.

Investing is a longer-term approach to the markets that helps to gradually build wealth over an extended period of time.

The time you spend will reflect in your goals, personal commitments and what you are looking to achieve from the course.

These lessons will equip you with the desired knowledge and skillset to be able to invest once you have absorbed the knowledge and know-how.

We have a support channel for all our student to ask questions, share charts and research.

On top of this we will have quarterly meetings to discuss investments.

We are not a fund who will never ask for your money to trade or invest. P8FX is an educational platform where we believe your learning takes centre stage and once you have completed our courses you will be in a position to manage your own money.

Our Investing Course breaks down our approach to stock picking and investing. We use a combination of software, research, technical analysis, and fundamental knowledge to guide our choices.

You can start with as little a £100! We always tell our student to start with what you can afford to risk and build slowly.

There are no guarantees you will not lose money. Losses are a part of the game in both trading and investing. The key to longevity and profitability is always down to strict risk management.

Your investments mature with time. At times the market can return substantial gains rapidly within a short space of time, and at other times can take years. Every stock is different.

Frequently Asked P8FX Pro Questions

This a weekly meet-up where students and Priyesh analyse charts together, get set up for the week ahead, complete tests, work in groups and provide each other support in order to trade as individuals successfully. See more information here:

Yes, sign up for FX Labs (P8FX signal service) by contacting our Admin Jejo who will provide you with all the information needed to access our free and VIP groups.

Recordings are complementary and provided every session whilst you maintain an active subscription.

Every Sunday at 8am UK time - Live on Zoom

2 hours on Sunday. Each session is jam-packed with analysing charts, completing tests and keeping track of not only the forex market but commodities, the stock market and cryptocurrencies too.

Subscriptions cannot be paused as recordings for the sessions are provided if you are unable to attend.

It our opinion it is the glue that puts everything together. Your learning, your practise and confidence will be built from P8FX Pro. It’s highly recommended.