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Online webinar focusing on our trading and investing courses

Sunday 1st September 2024, 7PM UK Time
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Sunday 1st September 2024, 7PM UK Time
Attend our free 1 hour workshop and take your understanding of trading, cryptocurrency, and investing to the next level. Come meet our students and find out why so many are successful, what makes us different from the rest and how you can join us on this journey.
Investing & the Stock Market
We showcase our comprehensive investing course and show you how our P8FX team has already accomplished over 160% returns on stock picks in under 6 months. Learn how we’re able to beat the Banks, Institutions, and hedge Funds.
Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency
We delve deep into Bitcoin and explain all things Cryptocurrency and why our Crypto Course is game changing. Is this just the latest bubble? We explain how we predicted the top and bottom turning points to minimise our risk and maximise returns.
Forex & the Currency Market
Our comprehensive 5 star rated & accredited trading course is one of a kind! Can you really earn from Forex trading? We talk all things fundamentals and show you the power of what you can learn from P8FX and how it can change your life!
We focus on teaching the skills that will put you on the road to financial freedom
Is this right for me? What am I looking to achieve from this? Let us put right all the misconceptions of what people believe trading or investing is all about.
A brief run-down of how we trade and invest. How you can go from a beginner to an advanced trader, or a strategic investor. Why NO strategy in the world works.
A rundown of how to get involved. All costs involved. What support and guidance do I get pre/post course? All questions, answered!
The myths and horror stories. How to spot if you’re being swindled by a fraudster. Our students will showcase their stories.
You should aspire to do the least amount of work for the most amount of income. Let us show you how.
Not only do you hear from us and get your questions answered, the P8FX CEO Priyesh also teaches you live at the event!
Hear first-hand from members of the P8FX Academy and listen to their journey from student to professional trader and investor.
Make a consistent and sustainable income. We show you how to analyse and understand trends with real-world examples and training.
Real life reviews from real life traders. 100% student satisfaction with 5 star reviews on both Google and Trustpilot.

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