Memoirs of a Trader Podcast

Join us as we delve into the diverse world of trading and non-trading topics, offering candid discussions and insights from fascinating individuals.

"Memoirs of a Trader" isn't just about trading. We also delve into the personal stories and passions that drive our guests, exploring everything from entrepreneurship and psychology to art and culture.

Through stimulating conversations and diverse perspectives, we seek to inspire, educate, and entertain our listeners. So, whether you're a seasoned trader or simply curious about the world of finance, business or entrepreneurship, join us on this journey of discovery. Welcome to "Memoirs of a Trader" - where every story holds valuable insights and every conversation sparks new ideas.

Episode 1 - "Traders profit from client losses" – with Brandon Meakin

Meet Brandon Meakin, CEO of Limitless FX. We talk all things trading, experiences, scammers, emotions & winning! Listen to how other “traders” REALLY make their money.

Episode 2 - "I let my family get scammed" – with Kai (BGID)

Meet Kai, founder of Black Girl in Dubai, a dear friend of Priyesh who dug deep into the real reasons of who I am, the real reasons why we have P8FX and the realities of his difficult childhood.

Episode 3 - "Dubai Real-Estate Gains are BULLS**T" - with Zoheb

Meet Zoheb, CEO of Bull & Bear Properties and one of the biggest and most well-known real-estate moguls in Dubai. We tell you everything you need to know about property in Dubai and is buying even worth it?

Episode 4 - "ALL men CHEAT, If not now then ONE DAY" - with Kai, Laura & Nergis

We talk all things men, being single or married, social media and expectations in relationships! Why are there so many single women? Do they have high unrealistic expectations? Or is it simply a case of no good men left?!

Episode 5 - "I HAD to drop friends/family OUT my LIFE" - with MKO

Meet MKO, singer/songwriter, fashion mogul and entrepreneur as he joins Priyesh for a deep discussion on all things MONEY, LIFE, BUSINESS, FAMILY, and betting on yourself!

Episode 6 - “Weak MEN Make Me SICK” - with Giuliano Gonzalez

Meet Giuliano Gonzalez PR guru helping the top 1% gain instant trust online with a goal to dominate their niche! We talk all things business, POWER, social media and weak MEN! Enjoy.

Episode 7 - “How to STOP the Male SUICIDE Problem” - with Adil Hussain

Meet Adil Hussain, founder of the BrotherhoodUAE who are a tribe of like-minded men dedicated to embracing healthier lifestyles and achieving greater success through the power of personal growth and coming together.

Episode 8 - “The Scary Reason Your Child Might be the BULLY” - with Sebastian Bates

Meet Sebastian Bates, award winning entrepreneur, mentor and philanthropist, founder of The Warrior Academy - the UAE’s leading martial arts club for children and the only specialist Character Development Centre in the Middle East. We talk about some deep topics, conversing about things others shy away from discussing.